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Dalian Hongdao Marine Products Co. Ltd, has its own quality control department, which is responsible for testing all products to maintain the highest possible standards. Moreover, the department carries out random hygiene checks in the factory, where lab tests for microbes are also mandatory. In addition an inspector is assigned by the department, who checks the quality of the production before it is loaded. Involved in the inspection process is the moisture, the net weight, the glazing, the appearance and the material of the packaging. This ensures the highest possible standard. Furthermore Dalian Marine Products Co. Ltd, cooperates with independent laboratories where microbial and additive analyses are conducted on the products. The frequency in which we test products conforms to the applicable community and national legislation.

We are able to fulfil the requirements of our clients from all different regions worldwide since we obtain EU, Brazilian and Russian registrations (No.: 2100/02477), FDA (No.:16833566412) , DIPOA, HACCP, BRC, MSC, ISO22000,WCA, SMETA,IFS  and Kosher Certificates.

Dalian Hongdao Marine Products Co., Ltd.
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